Confidence Scores

Better Confidence Scores with 9.5

(MAY 2010) — LumenVox version 9.5 is available, and with it comes drastically improved confidence scoring. If you are unfamiliar with confidence scores, they provide a representation of how confident the Speech Engine is that an answer is correct.

The higher the score, the more likely the result from the Engine matches what the user said. A lower score means the answer is less reliable. This is useful when asking users to confirm what they said. If you receive a low confidence score, you can confirm what was said. A high score means you can just assume that the answer is correct and not waste the user's time.

Drastic Improvements in Scoring

It's hard to explain in words the difference between 9.5 and previous LumenVox confidence scores, so we have produced these handy images.

The graphs below show how LumenVox 9.0 compares to the new 9.5 confidence scoring algorithms, and how both compare to a leading competitor's product. Ideally, correct answers (shown as green) will have high confidence scores and incorrect (orange) or out of vocabulary (blue) answers will have low. In the graphs below, the optimal pattern is a U–shape, with all of the incorrect/OOV answers on the left and all of the correct answers on the right.

LumenVox 9.0 Confidence Scores LumenVox 9.5 Confidence Scores
Competitor Confidence Scores

As you can see, there is a marked improvement from 9.0 to 9.5. The correct answers routinely have higher confidence scores, and incorrect/out of vocabulary routinely have lower scores.

Other 9.5 Improvements

The improved confidence score algorithm is just one of the exciting new features in LumenVox 9.5. You can read the official release notes for full details, but here are some of the other reasons you should upgrade today:

Logging and email Alerts:The LumenVox speech recognition software can now be configured to send you email alerts in the event that a critical error occurs.

Right now, critical errors are only generated by licensing issues (for instance, if you run out of licenses) but we plan to expand this functionality in the future to include other types of errors.

We have also built this functionality to be flexible so that you can write your own email script or application if ours does not suit your needs. See the full automatic email documentation for details.

Answering Machine Detection: The Engine now has an optional answering machine detection mode that can be enabled with a special license type. This is useful for outbound calling, as it can very reliably detect answering machine or voicemail beeps. Our tests indicate the accuracy is above 90 percent.

If you're interested in more information about this, please contact LumenVox.

Better Accuracy: You may remember when we introduced the new continuous American English models in 9.0 that saw a significant accuracy increase. At that time, we promised to develop acoustic models for all of our supported languages using that same technology.

In LumenVox 9.5, we're happy to announce that this task is complete and we have better continuous acoustic models for all of our supported languages.

Upgrade Today

Upgrading to LumenVox 9.5 is free if you have a current software maintenance agreement. If your maintenance agreement has expired, you will need to renew it in order to access all of these new features. You can contact LumenVox Sales by calling +1 858–707–7700 and saying "Sales" to renew your maintenance agreement.

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