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Coming Soon: Uninstalling LumenVox Licenses

(MAR 2008) — One of the most common requests we receive is to allow licenses to be uninstalled. Right now, licenses are tied to a specific machine's hardware information (MAC address, hard drive serial number, etc.) and moving a license from that machine to another requires the intervention of LumenVox support.

This will no longer be the case in version 8.5 of the LumenVox products, as the License Server will now feature "Uninstall" functionality that will allow you to uninstall licenses without contacting us.

While we don't have an official date for the release of 8.5, it's currently going through our testing process, and will likely be out sometime in April.

How the Uninstall Works

Upon the release of 8.5, we will enable a feature on the LumenVox.com Customers area. You will login to your account and go to view your deployments (the same process you would do if you were downloading a license).

Next to the deployment you wish to uninstall will be an "Uninstall" link. If you click that, you will be able to download a special file we call the "anti–license." Like matter and anti–matter, combining the anti–license with the license file on your machine will remove the original license.

Using the license manager, you will be able to issue a command to uninstall the licenses specified by the anti–license. The License Server will generate an uninstall key, which you will input into the Web site to verify that you removed the license from your local machine.

Once you have entered the key into the Web site, the deployment will be reset and you will be able to install the deployment on a new machine, or delete it entirely and deploy the licenses in a new configuration.

New License Format

To take advantage of the new license uninstall features, you will need two things. The first is a copy of the 8.5 License Server, and the other is an updated license file.

In order to accomodate the new uninstall functionality, we had to make changes to the structure of the binary license files we use. This means that existing licenses will not be eligible for uninstall without first being converted to the newer format.

If you are registering a machine for the first time on the Web site, you will automatically receive the newer format. If you are an existing customer, we will have a special feature on the Web site to allow you to convert the License.bts file in your License Server directory to the newer version. So if you have deployments with 8.0 licenses and want to uninstall them, you will simply upload the License.bts file to the Web site, download the new License.bts into the License Server directory (replacing your old one), then follow the uninstall procedure.

The Web site keeps track of which version you have on a machine, so if you ever redownload a license or add licenses to an existing deployment you will be sure to get the correct version for that machine.

Licensing Review

In case it's been a while since you've used the LumenVox licensing, here's a quick primer on how it all works.

On LumenVox.com you create groups of licenses called deployments. Each deployment is then registered to a single machine by uploading a file called the Info.bts to the Web site.

Once you have created the deployment and uploaded the Info.bts file, you can download a license file. Using the license manager, you install this file, which creates a master license file called License.bts in the License Server directory.

When we talk about uninstalling licenses, we mean you'll be able to remove the licensing information related to a specific deployment from the master License file on that machine, and then add it to another machine.

In addition to uninstalling licenses, though, LumenVox's licensing model is fully distributed, allowing you flexibility.

The Speech Engine only requires a license to decode speech, so you may install the Speech Engine on machines that don't have licenses, and then point those machines to a License Server on a different machine.

For information on how to do this, see our help document on Configuring Engine Licenses.

Are You Eligible to Download 8.5?

Only users with current software maintenance are eligible for software updates more than a year after they originally purchased the software.

This means that if you bought your licenses more than a year ago, you won't be able to take advantage of these new features without renewing your maintenance.

Software maintenance is a nominal fee — as low as $20 each year for many users — and ensures you will get all the latest feature enhancements and bug fixes for the LumenVox software suite.

For more information about maintenance, please contact LumenVox support by calling 877–977–0707 (+1–858–707–7700 for international callers) or
email LumenVox technical support.

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