Tech Bulletins


LumenVox tech bulletins detail new features and additions to LumenVox speech recognition products, and how those changes can be used by developers to better their speech applications. They also focus on lesser–known aspects of the LumenVox software, so developers have a full understanding of how to use our products.


May 2010 LumenVox Speech Engine version 9.5.

February 2010 LumenVox Speech Tuner 9.2 software release.

October 2009 LumenVox Speech Recognition as a Subscription.

June 2009 LumenVox Speech Engine version 9.0.

May 2009 LumenVox Speech Engine 9.0 noise cancellation.

April 2009 Accessibility and data for speech recognition developers.

March 2009 Adding weights to SRGS grammars.

January 2009 LumenVox Speech Engine version 8.6 noise reduction technology.

June 2008 Revamped Help System.

April 2008 High Availability Speech Recognition.

March 2008 Version 8.5 released.

February 2008 Avaya Compliance.

January 2008 Capturing Digit Strings.

December 2007 SRGS Best Practices.

November 2007 The New Phonetic Speller.

September 2007 New Grammar Caching.

August 2007 Using LumenVox Distributed Architecture.

July 2007 Improved Voice Activity Detection.

June 2007 Support More Languages.

May 2007 SISR Explained.

April 2007 Handling Ambiguous Responses.

March 2007 Adding Phonetic Spellings.

February 2007 Editing Grammars.

January 2007 Using SISR.

December 2006 Fine Tuning the Speech Engine.

November 2006 New Digits Model.

October 2006 New beta speech tuner.

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