UK English and Improved VAD

UK English and Improved VAD Released

A United Kingdom (UK) English Acoustic Model for use with the LumenVox Speech Engine has been released. Solution and Platform Providers can now incorporate affordable speech technology for deployed speech solutions across the UK, even for users with regional accents. More>

As part of the Speech Engine, we also released a new Voice Activity Detection (VAD) technology that improves the Engine's ability to decipher a human voice from any other sound, such as music, background noise, car noise and traffic.

"Quality VAD is essential to good recognition accuracy, which is why we are committed to regularly improving this technology," said LumenVox CTO, Jim Blake. "This release not only addresses the particular needs of mobile users that make up a large majority of telephone-based speech recognition users, but really any caller that uses speech recognition in a challenging environment." More

Free Training Videos

We are continuing to add free training videos to our online video library every week!

These videos will provide you with training about the LumenVox speech software, and speech design in general. Our latest additions include a three part series on Speech Tuning and one on Troubleshooting Linux Installations.

To see all of our videos go here>

Employee Spotlight: Sam Hornedo

employee photo Sam Hornedo has recently joined our Sales and Support Team. Sam helps customers with pre-sales technical questions in addition to lending a hand in our support department.

Sam is also fluent in Spanish, English, Mando'a and Aurebesh, and we're told, plays a mean guitar.

Partner Focus: Metaphor Solutions

Metaphor Solutions, Inc, speech application provider Metaphor Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of speech IVR applications. Through its Plug & Play web interface, Metaphor allows easy and quick configuration, administration and management of 50+ IVR application packages.

In addition, Metaphor has 125+ application modules that allow building of more complex applications a snap. Any custom application can be created in a matter of days using these pre-built and pre-tested modules.

Speech IVR customers now have an affordable option that allows the setup of a professional, high quality, transactional IVR applications. Applications are quickly deployed on a standards-based hosting environment or on-premise infrastructure. This includes connectivity to IP-PBXs, like the Asterisk platform. Learn more about the Metaphor Plug & Play Speech IVR Web site at

See You at SpeechTEK and Astricon!

SpeechTEK 2007 As the height of summer is upon us, we look ahead to two events where LumenVox will be exhibiting: SpeechTEK and Astricon. Please use the LumenVox VIP passes for special discounts to these two important events.

We're headed to the Big Apple, August 20th — 23rd as the speech industry's annual conference commences.

Come join us at booth 303 where we will be showcasing LumenVox Partners in our new Partner area. To register for a bronze pass that entitles you to a free hall, reception and keynote pass, go to and use our discount code of VIPLUM.

Astricon The largest Asterisk conference in the world is in Phoenix, Sept. 24 — 28th, and LumenVox will be there! To register and get special discounts, go here and use this VIP code: AC-US-07-LUMENVOX

LumenVox and Avaya Interop Begins

Avaya Developer Connections LumenVox was recently selected for membership in the Avaya DeveloperConnection Program. The program enables interoperability certification with the Avaya Voice Portal. More

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