SpeechTEK and VON: LV Hits the Road
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The LumenVox Speech Engine has passed MRCP (Media Resource ControlProtocol) v1 certification testing for the Aculab MRCP Client. This compliance now allows the community of Aculab Prosody telephony platform users to gain access to affordable and full featured speech recognition technology from LumenVox.

Aculab’s MRCP client library provides developers with an alternative method of controlling access to speech resources, such as the LumenVox Speech Engine. “Aculab’s MRCP client is tested for interoperability with products from major speech vendors such as LumenVox. The combination of Aculab and LumenVox provides developers with the ability to create high quality, reliable, speech-based applications.” said James Daybell, Product Manager at Aculab. More

SpeechTEK and VON: LV Hits the Road

SpeechTEK Logo We are headed to San Francisco for the bi-annual SpeechTEK West show in San Francisco. The show is from February 21st — 23rd, and you can find LumenVox at booth #402 or in the meeting rooms speaking on various topics during the conference.

To register for a bronze pass that entitles you to a free hall, reception and keynote pass, go to www.speechtek.com/vip and use our discount code of VIPLUM.

VON Spring Logo We'll be up in the Bay Area a month later at the VON show happening in San Jose, CA. We will be exhibiting in the Digium Partner Pavilion from March 19th — 22nd.

To take advantage of our special VIP pass that provides you with either an additional $200 discount on the full conference pricing or a free Expo Hall pass, pre-register online ( www.von.com) using our priority code: LUMENVOXVIP.

Instructional Videos

Video Button We have add ed informative and free training videos to the Web site. We currently have videos covering speech application development, working with SRGS grammars, and Asterisk speech sales. We're adding new videos every week, so check back often. More

More Languages Coming Soon

2007 is the year of languages as we continue to add more support for the Speech Engine. Our language support includes Spanish, Canadian French, and US, Australian and UK English. Our future plans include Indian English, German and more! To keep up-to-date, please contact us.

Partner News

Incendonet Companies can now easily implement the latest standards-based speech recognition technologies and enterprise speech recognition applications in an easy and cost effective manner. With patent-pending core technologies, SpeechBridge™ from Incendonet, integrates seamlessly with SIP-based VoIP phone solutions to give enterprises a suite of customer self-service and employee productivity applications from day one.

“We have engineered SpeechBridge™ from the ground up to be a scaleable, reliable, and flexible speech platform that is nearly effortless to deploy,” said Bryan Ayers, president of Incendonet. “The LumenVox Speech Recognition Engine has proven to be highly accurate on both Windows and Linux, and is an important component in our products.” More

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