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LumenVox Speech Engine Used in Innovative Patient Follow-up System

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute in Ottawa, Canada has implemented an innovative automated patient follow-up system developed by LumenVox partner, TelASK Technologies, Inc. ( The TelASK System incorporates the LumenVox Speech Engine, allowing the Ottawa Heart Institute to closely monitor the progress and recovery of surgical patients by placing an automated call to their homes on day three, and again on day ten, after the patients have been discharged. The speech enabled outbound dialing system automatically phones the patient and delivers a pre-set list of questions. Each question is a strong indicator of the patient's progress.

Using a specially designed algorithm, patients' answers are grouped as either requiring an immediate call back, contact within a day, or progressing normally. In the event of a response that may indicate a problem, the system will hold callers on the line and connect them to an Advance Practice Nurse at the Heart Institute for immediate attention. The University of Ottawa Heart Institute will also use this system to monitor patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome, and patients participating in their Smoking Cessation programs.

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