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LumenVox and SandCherry Speech Enable 2-way Radio Networks

SandCherry's Voice4™ Radio Message System (RMS) dramatically improves workgroup efficiency for teams with 2-way radio, phone, and Web users by providing easy-to-use voice and data messaging. The ability to offer messaging to 2-way radios and one of the most widely used tools for mobile work forces is an entirely new dimension to workgroup communications.

Leaving messages for radio users when they are unavailable, and providing access to the same system for phone and Web users to leave and retrieve messages, provides the critical bridge between what had been independent communications networks. The system also offers phone users a patch capability to connect to the radio network for real time communication with radio users. Voice4™ RMS equips a workgroup to improve its efficiency and performance using tools and processes already in place, without relying on a dispatcher.

Using LumenVox's Speech Engine, SandCherry's Voice4™ RMS provides an unparalleled level of voice-driven functionality for mobile workgroups. Voice4™ RMS is easy to install and use, and provides a cost-effective, robust speech recognition communications solution.

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