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Rewriting the grammar software and exploring the VAD settings took several months. During this time, Redmond updated its application to use the LumenVox Speech Engine for digit recognition. The results were noticeable immediately.

Better still, after a few more months of working together, LumenVox was able to use the audio that Redmond gave it to rebuild its South American Spanish acoustic model. Using audio from actual users of ChevyStar, the application was now seeing the type of recognition accuracy that GM had been hoping for.

Speech Recognition Accuracy Gains after using LumenVox

In fact, once the accuracy data from the start of the project was compared against the test data after the tuning and new acoustic model, Redmond and LumenVox found that there was a 42% increase in correct recognitions. "The results were excellent," Berdinas said.

Later that year, Redmond switched all of ChevyStar's speech recognition to the LumenVox Engine.

"We were thrilled that Redmond Software gave LumenVox the opportunity to help them on this problem," said Edward Miller, president of LumenVox. "In the end, not only did our teamwork deliver outstanding results, but we now have a Spanish acoustic model that we're proud of. Our product offering is better for having worked with Redmond."

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