LumenVox Case Studies


LumenVox customers are using our speech recognition software in innovative and inspiring ways. From basic IVRs to complex ordering systems, our customers apply their application design talents to make dynamic speech-enabled solutions. Read up on the following case studies for more information

Case Studies

Verascape Verascape

LumenVox and NewNet build highly scalable, efficient, and effective speech applications to enhance user experience for Verascape retail customers.

Pronexus Pronexus

LumenVox speech technology delivers quality and value to VBVoice™ IVR applications.

AAA Arizona AAA Arizona

LumenVox speech technology and InfinityCTI power Avaya-based IVR solution for AAA of Arizona.

Protection 1 Security Services Protection 1 Security Services

Protection 1 security solutions utilizes LumenVox speech recognition for their "Two-Way Voice IVR" automated system.

Redmond Software Redmond Software

Read how LumenVox worked to improve speech recognition in a challenging in-car system for General Motors.

Sandcherry Software SandCherry

LumenVox and SandCherry Speech Enable 2-way Radio Messaging System.

ATA Retail Services ATA Retail Service

ATA Retail Services is the leading provider of Direct Store Delivery of more than 700 household related items to more than 5,000 supermarkets in the US.

TellAsk Technologies TelAsk

LumenVox Speech Engine used in innovative patient follow-up system.

Security Service Federal Credit Union Security Service Federal Credit Union

Security Service Federal Credit Union made the decision to add LumenVox speech recognition to an IVR that handles more than half a million calls per month

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