Transferring Licenses

Transfer Licenses


Transfer License

You can give licenses to other accounts in two ways. One is to sell a license to an enduser of yours. This is the most common method of transferring licenses between accounts: you purchased a LumenVox license and would like one of your users to own it, so you will create a sale and give the license to that user.

The other method is used for transferring licenses between accounts you control. This requires first linking your own accounts together.

Selling Licenses

  1. If you have not already done so, you must create an account for the person to whom you wish to make a sale. For security purposes, you may only sell licenses to your endusers.
  2. From the main menu, click View Licenses to go to your licensing page.
My Licenses
  1. The License Purchase / Deployment Summary displays all the licenses in your account. You must have licenses available in order to sell them. You cannot sell licenses that have already been deployed.
  2. Click on Sell Licenses.
Sell Licenses
  1. In the box marked Owner, choose the username you are selling the licenses to.
Account Owner
  1. In the Qty fields, enter the number of licenses you wish to sell. Do this for each product you wish to sell.
  2. Click Add when you are finished. This will complete the sale and send an email to the user you just assigned licenses to.
Add Account

Selling via Deployments

  1. In addition to the process outlined above, you may create a new deployment and assign ownership of that deployment to an enduser. This will automatically sell all the licenses in that deployment to that enduser. Please note that this is a change from an older method of managing licenses, when deployment ownership did not constitute license ownership. If you create endusers and give them deployments, the licenses will no longer appear in your account.
  2. To assign a sale via a deployment, from the main menu, click View Licenses to go to your licensing page.
My Licenses
  1. In the Deployments area, click Add New Deployment.
Add New Deployment
  1. Create the deployment like normal, but for the Owner choose one of your endusers.
  2. When you are finished, click Add New Deployment. This will create the deployment for the user and transfer ownership of the licenses to that account.
Add Deployment Settings

Transferring Licenses Between Linked Accounts

  1. Once you have one or more accounts linked to your account, login to the account that you want to add licenses to (not the account you want licenses removed from).
  2. Click the Transfer Licenses button from the main menu.
Linked Account Menu
  1. In the Linked Account box, choose the username of the account from which you wish to transfer licenses.
Linked Account
  1. Enter the quantity of each license type you wish to transfer.
  2. Click Transfer Licenses to complete the transaction.

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