Linked Accounts

Linked Accounts


Linked Accounts

If you have multiple accounts on the Web site, you may wish to control them all from a single login. This can be useful if you have multiple people in your company who each have their own account or if you buy LumenVox licenses from more than one reseller and thus have to have multiple enduser accounts.

Linking two accounts allows you two quickly switch between the accounts without logging in a second time. It also allows you to transfer licenses between the linked accounts.

Because linking presents a security risk, the rules that govern linking are a little complicated to ensure that nobody can use the linking system to gain access to accounts they shouldn't.

In order to create a link to another account, you must have the username and password for that account. Links are only one way, so that if you login as AccountA and create a link to AccountB, AccountA can see the link but AccountB cannot. If you wanted the link to function in both directions, you would have to also login as AccountB and create a link to AccountA.

This is especially important when dealing with license transfers. You can only take licenses from an account if you have a link to that account. So if you login as AccountA, you can transfer licenses from AccountB to AccountA, but logging into AccountB will not allow you to transfer licenses from AccountA.

Linking Two Accounts

  1. Before you can transfer licenses or switch logins, you must first set up a link between two accounts. From the main menu, click Link User Admin under the Linked Accounts/
  2. Enter the username and password of the account to which you would like to create a link and click Link Account.
Linking Accounts
  1. The link is now created. Remember, this link can only be used from the account that you are currently logged in as. You may wish to repeat this process on the linked account.

Switching Accounts

  1. Once you have a linked account, you can quickly login to that account by clicking Switch Accounts from the main menu or the top menu.
My Licenses
  1. This brings up a list of all linked accounts. Click Login next to the account to which you'd like to switch.
  2. If you wish to return to the account you started with, go back to the Switch Accounts screen and click the button that says "Login as user..."

Unlinking Accounts

  1. If you would like to break the link between two accounts, click the Switch Accounts button.
  2. Next to the account name, click the Unlink button. This destroys the link between the accounts. Once again, this process is only one–way, so if you have set up a link in each direction you'll need to repeat this logged in as the other account.
Unlink Account

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