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Adding and Editing End-User Accounts


End-user Accounts

End–users are accounts that are associated with a parent account. These accounts may be your customers, or specific employees within your own company. End–user accounts have licenses assigned to them and they can deploy them.

By creating your own end–user accounts, you can allow your customers to service themselves as needed, by assigning them licenses and allowing the customers to download them as needed.

If you plan to manage licenses and software maintenance for your users, you may not want to create accounts for them, as having an account in the system will allow the customers to directly control their licenses.

Note that if you are an Asterisk user, you are automatically an end–user (Digium is your parent account).

  1. From the main menu page, click "Create End Users." This will allow you to create an end user by entering the appropriate information in the fields.
Create End User
  1. Once all of the appropriate information has been entered, click "Save." All required fields are notated in dark blue.
  2. To edit an end user, simply click "View End Users" from the main menu. You can see a list of users and click the "Edit" button next to a user to change the information for that user.
Your End Users

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