Deploying Ports

Deploying Ports


Deploy Ports

A deployment is a group of one or more licenses that is hosted by a single License Server. Before you can download any licenses, you must first create a deployment.

From the main menu page, select "View Licenses." This will show a summary of your purchased, deployed, and remaining ports, as well as a detailed inventory of deployments and purchases.

Add New Deployment
  1. To add a new deployment, whether in–house or for an end–user, click on "Add New Deployment."
Add Deployment Settings
  1. You will need to enter a description or location for the deployment. This can be anything that will be helpful in identifying the deployment. Choose yourself or an end–user account from the drop–down, the type of product you are deploying, and the quantity of product you are deploying. If you are deploying more than one type of product, just choose one of them for this first screen. You will have the opportunity to add more.
Add Deployment Table
  1. Once you have added the first product and the corresponding client information, click "Save."
  2. You will be taken to the edit deployment screen. This is where you can add products or save the deployment as–is.
  3. Once your deployment is saved, you or your end user can upload the licenses. This link is not to the actual product, just to the license. The product should have been delivered via download link.

More information on licensing is available on our Licensing FAQs page.

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