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Global Cloud Communications Company sees absolute precision in outbound calling.

This client is the largest global cloud communications platform in the world, enabling phones, VoIP, and messaging to be embedded into web, desktop and mobile software. It is responsible for millions of business communications every hour of every day.

LumenVox Call Progress Analysis finally offers this client’s vendors the ability to automate outbound calling in the most precise way so communication is fluid, exact.

More precise than commonly used answering machine detection

30% reduction of operational costs

Improved CX with autonomous customer interactions


Customers were complaining of receiving half of pre-recorded messages, or no message at all; resulting in calls requiring agent assistance.


A more accurate automated outbound calling process that did not involve engagement with a live agent.


LumenVox Call Progress Analysis is now successfully delivering outbound messages, dramatically improving customer satisfaction rates.

State-of-the-art tone detection, to accurately determine whether a human or machine has answered a call.

Once LumenVox Call Progress Analysis has determined it has reached a live person or a machine, the client’s applications decided what to do:

  • Voice Mail Detected: Using tone detection to know when to start playing the message, a perfectly crafted message restarts at the beginning, or a custom voice mail message is played.
  • Human Detected: The application decides to play the message at the beginning of the call, send live humans to an agent, or drop the call into an IVR system. 

The client also benefitted from other features: LumenVox Call Progress Analysis is able to provide more information about the status of an outbound call. This can be used right when a call is connected, e.g. to detect a fax machine or a Special Information Tone (SIT).

With LumenVox Call Progress Analysis, the client’s end users now successfully deliver over 50 million outbound calls per month.



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