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IVR based solution implemented for a speech-enabled, 24 hour customer care line

Anticipating increased call volumes for insurance open enrollment, Community Health Choice (CHC) wanted to move their existing customer service application from a touch-tone system with active agent support from 8 am to 7 pm to a speech-enabled, 24-hour customer care line based on the Avaya Aura® Experience Portal (AAEP). With the assistance of primary business partner, ConvergeOne as well as M&C Associates, a LumenVox Skills Certified Partner, CHC was able to quickly implement a new and fully functional IVR system.

40% improvement in member satisfaction rates after only 8 months


Reduced call wait times and agent talk times


Increased completion rate for calls and improved customer experience


An existing customer care line left callers dissatisfied with the length of wait time they experienced when transferred to an agent.


A modern and flexible speech-enabled IVR, built on Avaya, integrated by ConvergeOne and M&C Associates. 


Utilizing LumenVox Speech Recognizor and Text-to-Speech resulted in a 40% improvement in member satisfaction rates after only 8 months.

LumenVox Speech Recognition utilized to reduce wait
times and ensure that users are easily directed to
the information they need without agent assistance.

Callers to the CHC Customer Care line request information about plan eligibility and claims information. Before the new system was implemented, if callers were unable to find what they were looking for they could transfer to an agent for assistance; however, many callers were quite dissatisfied with the length of wait time they experienced.

In addition to these requirements, CHC determined that the speech-enabled solution needed to include redundancy, flexible licensing, the ability to allow CHC to easily make their own changes to the application, and the flexibility to easily move to the cloud in the future.

To fulfill all of the requirements, ConvergeOne and M&C Associates implemented LumenVox Speech Recognition (ASR) and LumenVox Text-to-Speech (TTS) on the Avaya Aura® Experience Portal (AAEP) interactive voice response (IVR) platform. The solution was designed by ASI (ConvergeOne) and LumenVox was chosen over Nuance.

“M&C has been offering decades of experience with subject matter expertise in IVR and Contact Center deployments, and proven technologies that meet and exceed customer requirements,” says Lou Marianacci, CEO and President, M&C Associates LLC. He continues, “Add the LumenVox speech automation suite, and this partnership represents a mutual respect for the way we do business, along with our best-in-class services.”

“LumenVox software suite made it easy to migrate the new application
from the test environment and deploy to production”

Darrell Perry, Senior Unified Communications Manager, CHC



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