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About Cisco Solution Partner Program

LumenVox is a proud Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner. Cisco SolutionsPlus provides a convenient, trusted, unified purchasing experience for end customers along with simplified ordering through Cisco Commerce Workplace (CCW). As part of the Cisco world-class contact center solution offerings, LumenVox works with Cisco Gold Partners worldwide.

Each product from LumenVox’ wide portfolio of contact center enhancing technology has undergone rigorous testing by Cisco and resulted in subsequent approval and listing on the Cisco Global Price List (GPL). Products listed include:

  • LumenVox Automated Speech Recognizer, which supports Natural Language Understanding
  • LumenVox text-to-speech / voice-enabled IVR platform, with multiple language capabilities
  • Call Progress Analysis, which allows the recognizer to analyze speech and automatically discern appropriate timing for IVR campaigns
  • Active Voice Biometric Authentication platform, which easily integrates into any existing Cisco SolutionsPlus infrastructure

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