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AAA Arizona automates membership renewals, card replacement, and credit payments over the phone

Seeking to reduce labor costs for call center agents and increase self-service with the automation of membership renewal, card replacement and credit card payment services over the phone, AAA Arizona sought an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) vendor with extensive experience with call routing, VUI design, speech automation, service-oriented architecture integration, industry (PCI) compliance, user experience optimization, and cross-functional project management. After a careful evaluation, AAA Arizona selected San Diego-based InfinityCTI to develop the system and operate it as a hosted service.

Rapid deployment of less than 6 months from contract award to go live

Increased call completion rates and improved customer experience


Decreased load on live call center agents and solid return on investment


Selecting the right vendor with extensive experience in speech technologies, compliance, and user experience.


A modern speech-enabled IVR, built on Avaya, integrated by InfinityCTI, utilizing the LumenVox Text-to-Speech server to interact with callers in English and Spanish.


An application capable of automating all membership renewal, card replacement, and credit card payment functions.

LumenVox Speech Technology and InfinityCTI power Avaya-based IVR solution for AAA

“InfinityCTI is a true business partner for AAA Arizona, with vested interest in our success,” said Chuck Giglio, Manager for Member Services & Fulfillment at AAA Arizona. Avaya Aura® Experience Portal (AAEP) acts as the voice platform for the application. AAEP is Avaya’s latest generation of its award-winning Avaya Voice Portal. It helps organizations automate and centrally manage multimedia self-service and IVR applications.

InfinityCTI deployed AAEP and LumenVox in two hosting centers, one in San Diego and the other in Phoenix. The software was deployed with full fail-over support, both within and across each center.

LumenVox, which is a member of both the Avaya DevConnect and Select Product Programs, has been working with both InfinityCTI and Avaya for many years on a broad range of projects.

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Avaya Aura® Experience Portal (AAEP)

LumenVox Software

“We were impressed with the realistic and natural sounding speech provided by the LumenVox TTS. Coupled with the carrier-grade, scalable, and highly reliable LumenVox architecture, it was an easy decision to go with LumenVox for this project.”

Frank Guthrie, CEO, InfinityCTI



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