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Taking Out The Guesswork

Make changes to grammars or parameters, secure in the knowledge that those changes will make the application better, faster, and more accurate. The Speech Tuner uses historical information to validate your changes, ensuring your success.

Most 'tuning' tools are passive log viewers, requiring that changes be made in the live speech recognition application and retested over a period of time with live callers. With the Speech Tuner, we send the changes to the Speech Engine, simulating the recognition process and evaluating changes instantly. Instead of slow, non-interactive, static tuning, the Speech Tuner enables on-the-fly, highly interactive, dynamic tuning.

Make a change, do the test, get the results. Speech Tuner Grammar Tester
The Grammar Tester Main Window

Grammar Evaluation

Speech can be evaluated against grammar sets, as they are sent to the Speech Engine. The grammar can be adjusted and re-tested and re-scored to see if the changes improved performance. Therefore, you can determine instantly whether adding a new phrase to the grammar will improve your speech recognition accuracy.

Performance Rate

The Speech Tuner rates performance against commonly accepted measures like WER (Word Error Rate). This helps to give an accurate picture of details such as average confidence scores, correct versus incorrect responses, and in-grammar versus out-of-grammar performance.

Parameter Evaluation

Setting parameters optimizes the Speech Engine performance, further improving the caller's experience. Traditionally, changing Engine parameters is a difficult and time-consuming task, often requiring long delays between changing a parameter, and evaluating its effects on performance. Our Speech Tuner changes this.

The dynamic test capability of the Speech Tuner allows the user to shorten this delay. Now, Speech Engine parameters such as search optimizations, speech end-pointing, and NBest result processing can be easily adjusted, and immediately re-tested and re-scored from within the testing component.