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Speech Assistant

LumenVox's Speech Driven Assistant for TeleVantage is a complete turnkey speech recognition solution that speech-enables name directories, contact lists, voice mail, IVRs, and emails, providing all callers hands-free phone interactions. The system also allows for alternate names, nicknames, and various spelling and pronunciations to be recognized.

The Assistant is comprised of our highly accurate Speech Engine; the user-friendly drag and drop GUI application builder, Speech Platform; the LumenVox Speech Tuner to optimize speech recognition applications; and the NeoSpeech Text-To Speech (TTS) engine to read emails, IVR prompts and new names, which have not been recorded yet, in a natural sounding voice.

LumenVox’s Speech Driven Assistant has provided the best integration to TeleVantage of any other speech recognition product we tested.
John Gagliardi, President of GTI Solutions

Speech Assistant Features

  • Speech activated dialing to contact list
  • Transfer to another extension from voicemail
  • Navigate, forward, save, and delete voicemail
  • IMAP, POP3, and Exchange server email access (optional)
  • DTMF and Speech Input
  • GUI-based development tool to create a variety of IVR applications
  • Remote access and configuration
  • Barge-in capability with CSP compatible Dialogic cards
  • Live run-time GUI status monitoring
  • LumenVox Speech Platform and Tuner included
  • NeoSpeech Text-to-speech included

LumenVox's Configuration tool is where all modifications to the Speech Driven Assistant are made.

The Configuration program allows administrators to modify user information, maintain email servers, configure speech applications, and check the server's telephony hardware compatibility.
Administrators can easily select and change any user's information, which is continuously synchronized with TeleVantage's database.
Alternate names or departments associated with a particular user can be added quickly to the live system.
For commonly mispronounced names, alternate pronunciations can be added.
The Phonetic Speller provides alternate pronunciations as well as the chance to hear how it sounds, using Text-to-Speech.

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