Product Licensing

Licensing Options

LumenVox is one of the most flexible providers of speech software licenses in the industry. In keeping with our overall philosophy of superior service and adaptability, we are able to license our software in a variety of ways. Please contact LumenVox Sales for more information or to discuss your project's unique licensing requirements.

Perpetual Licensing

The most common license for LumenVox ASR, TTS, and Call Progress Analysis software is on a per-port or per-channel basis. For a telephony application such as an IVR or PBX, the solution would require one license for each channel that used the LumenVox software. If an IVR solution had 96 lines concurrently using speech, 96 licenses would be required.

Subscription Licensing

With a LumenVox subscription, the speech software is installed on the customer premise but licenses are hosted by LumenVox. Licenses are still per-port, but the initial cost is lower than purchasing a license outright, and software updates are included as part of the subscription. Subscriptions offer flexibility for users who are building proof of concept systems, or need a large number of term-limited licenses for a short period of time, as they enable customers to build speech applications with a lower capital investment.

Contact your LumenVox Sales Representative for more information on our Licensing models, and which one is right for you.

Use Case Perpetual Subscription
Standard IVR, hosted on customer premise, predictable call volumes X
Traditional IVR, but hosted in the cloud or otherwise off-premise X
Proof of concept / limited duration application X X
Load testing X
Non-IVR applications where users are being charged per interaction, e.g. offline recognitions of batched audio files X
Traditional IVR or other application with seasonal or temporary usage spikes X
Mobile or web-based application X
Desktop PC application X X
Any application where Internet access is not available X
Cloud-based or entirely virtualized application X

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