Languages Supported

Languages Supported

LumenVox's product suite will help you deploy your speech applications worldwide. As your business expands across international borders, so should your speech applications.

We have dozens of language packs (combination of languages) for our speech recognition, synthesis and call progress solutions. They are easy to use, affordable, and among the best sounding and most accurate in the industry. For any of our products, installing a new voice or language is as simple as installing a single package.

To help you choose the best language option, we have a chart illustrating the languages supported for each of our products.

Speech Recognizer (ASR) Text-to-Speech (TTS) Call Progress Analysis
American English X X X
Australian/NZ English X X X
Brazilian Portuguese X X X
British English X X X
Canadian French X X X
Castilian Spanish X X
Danish X X
Dutch X X
European French X X
European Portuguese X X
Icelandic X X
Indian English X X X
Italian X X X
Latin American Spanish X X X
Mexican/North American Spanish X X X
Polish X X
Romanian X X
Russian X X
Standard German X X X
Swedish X X
Turkish X X
Welsh X X
Welsh English X X

We are always looking to expand our language options. If you have a need for another language not listed, please contact us with your needs.

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