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Password Reset FAQ

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Password Reset FAQ

Questions from the Multifactor Password Reset Benefits and Advantages Webinar
Hosted: March 12, 2019 and from the Alleviate Remote Worker Stress Webinar Hosted: May 19th, 2020



Q: Is the connectivity over Phone IVR available via PSTN network or PBX Direct Dial

A: Yes. LumenVox supports both connectivity to PSTN and direct dial through PBX. A typical installation places the LumenVox solution behind a PBX, which provides flexibility for your telecom group to determine how users can access the solution.

Q: What hypervisors do you support? What was the encryption used? Can you mix languages as some users use English and some Spanish, some French, etc. What kind of VMWare resources do we need as far as CPU and vRAM HD or SSD.

A: We support all types of virtual machines, as long as the VM supplier must be able to support Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2016. For encryption, we use a 4096 bit asymmetric RSA key which secures the symmetric master key with 3DES or AES-256. The master key has child working keys which are rotated by the application, they are also revocable on demand. Identifiers are used as hashes to make all encrypted data non-portable. Yes, the system will support mixing languages. You can add a menu prompt for which language you would like to use, or provide a separate dial-in number for each language. Server specs are 32G RAM and 250G hard disk space.

Q: Does this work on VDI? Can it work in a mixed environment?

A: Yes. The solution can be implemented in any virtual environment that supports Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2016.

Q: Can we require different levels of authentication for different application resets?

A: Yes. Because the solution has configurable workflows, we are able to set different levels of authentication for different target systems. However, this is somewhat different in the web portal. Once you have access to the web portal, you are able to reset passwords on any target system. Customers would want to set the highest level of authentication needed for access to that system.

Q: When you said we can use up to 3 factors, do they have to be from the different methods…something you know, have, are?

A: The factors that can be used for authentication can be any factor. They could be in separate buckets (something you are, something you have, etc.), or in the same type.

Q: Can we use the same authentication method and voiceprint to authenticate even if they want to speak to a helpdesk professional for a non-password reset issue?

A: Yes. The Password Reset application is built on top of our Active Authentication Platform. So, the same platform can be used to support other types of authentication, including IVR authentication before sending the caller to a helpdesk agent. There would be additional costs for authentication outside of just password resets.


Q: How does your facial recognition work and can it be combined with voice biometrics?

A: Facial Recognition is available in the mobile application, and can be combined with any other factor, including voice biometrics.

Q: As to facial recognition, how well is this developed?

A: The solution was developed to support any form of biometrics, including voice, face and others. Face recognition has been available for a few years and is available in the mobile application for Password Reset.

Q: Can the Facial Recognition determine gender and sentiments as happiness, sadness etc.?

A: No. The facial recognition was developed to support authentication, not sentiment analysis.

Q: Can the Facial Recognition be used on a bigger monitor like a kiosk for applications such a bank?

A: Yes, that is possible. We would need to understand more about the hardware platform that is supporting the kiosk software. 

Q: How large is the voiceprint per user?

A: The voiceprints are stored as an array of floating point numbers, and use Kilobytes of space, not Megabytes or Gigabytes.

General / About LumenVox

Q: Who are the LumenVox competitors in this space?

A: Although there are others with password reset capabilities, our solution is unique in that we can provide a full helpdesk authentication suite allowing for pre-live agent as well as self-service authentication. Competitors can reset a password using 1 or 2 factors, but LumenVox is the only solution that has configurable workflows, which allow each company to determine what factors to require for each type of authentication. Our solution has multifactor authentication using a web browser, mobile application, or a phone call.

Q: Do you have any case studies on accounts like Nationwide in the UK?

A: Case studies are available on our website HERE

Q: Will the webinar will be available for later review?

A: Yes, a link to the recording was sent to all attendees and is available HERE.

Q: What typical clients do you address?

A: Our LumenVox Helpdesk Suite is a very innovative solution that supports positive benefits for multiple types of clientele. They range from direct organizations with large internal employee or external customer environments to 3rd party service organizations with multiple customers.



Q: Can we demo this off a UK or European number please?

A: Yes. We have the demo available in our Munich, Germany office.

Q: Do you have a demo about the integration with the IVR? For example, the IVR would like to identify and verify the caller by using voice recognition.

A: We are in the process of setting up a demo that will show that functionality and integration to the IVR. Please contact your LumenVox Sales Representative and they can let you know when it is available.

Licensing / Pricing

Q: How does your pricing work?

A: LumenVox pricing is flexible and offers subscription models as well as perpetual pricing. The ROI is most effective for companies with 10,000 or more employees. When referring to 100-200 as a good number for ROI, this is a good weekly number of resets. Based on industry averages, 10,000 employees generate roughly 500 password resets per month or 125 per week.

Q: What is the minimum number of licenses to be purchased?

A: When referring to 100-200 as a good number for ROI, this is a good weekly number of resets. Based on industry averages, 10,000 employees generate roughly 500 password resets per month or 125 per week. As a general policy, 10,000 is the minimum. However, in many cases where an organization has longer than usual authentication or que times, the minimum license requirement still provides a very strong ROI as well as risk prevention benefits. Other instances where less than 10,000 licenses provide a valid business case include combining helpdesk authentication (for live agent assistance) with the self-service automated password reset.

Q: Are license costs one-time or yearly?

A: LumenVox wants to make it easy to do business and provides flexible investment models:

  • Perpetual: one-time product and implementation investment with annual recurring maintenance.
  • Subscription: annual cost based on a 36-month agreement which includes user licenses and maintenance. There is an initial platform and implementation fee.

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