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About Swampfox, Inc.

Swampfox is a company founded on the desire to bring exceptional Avaya Voice Portal and Call Center based products and services to market. The team, recently an Avaya engineering team based in Columbia S.C., is the group that created UCC Speech Access (now one-X® Speech) for Avaya, as well as much of the Voice Portal platform. The team led by Bob Cooper, previously the Chief Architect of Voice Portal and Avaya Intelligent Customer Routing (ICR), and Rick Ulmer, has worked one on one with developing and deploying solutions at some of Avaya's largest and most innovative customers.

Swampfox has extensive experience in VoiceXML, CCXML (outbound, complex call control, call recording, conferencing, call redirection, etc.), SIP, Video/IVVR (Voice Portal now contains an advanced video server and VoiceXML 3 capabilities) and knows the internals of Voice Portal better than any other company in the market.

Though the team knows Voice Portal extensively, it is a top-notch engineering group with a great deal of Linux and Windows internals skills, and has been building large fault resilient products for fortune 500 companies for over 15 years. Swampfox welcomes the opportunity to work with Avaya customers, Business Partners or other ISVs to help them expand their markets or just ensure that their next Avaya deployment is a successful one.

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