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About Redmond Software

Redmond Software is an Independent Software Vendor specialized in:

  • Development of advanced Interactive Voice Response products and applications.
  • Speech Recognition and Speech Synthesis (TTS) technologies.
  • Advanced SS7 signaling applications.

Redmond Software offers pre-packaged solutions as well as custom development projects, including among others:

  • Corporate IVR applications.
  • Movies information line.
  • Landline SMS.
  • Color Ringback tones.
  • Telco Advanced Voice Messaging.
  • Store locator system

Redmond Software's direct customer base includes world-class corporate clients, such as Intel Corporation and CompUSA, and telephone operators, such as Telefónica Móviles, Millicom International and Telecom Italia.

Unique in its international deployment expertise, Redmond Software has installed applications in the US, Latin America and Europe.

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