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Plug and Play Speech Recognition

Add a True Plug and Play Speech Solution Powered by LumenVox with Speech Bridge

Take advantage of the highly accurate Speech Engine from LumenVox along with a pre-packaged suite of end user applications by SpeechBridge. SpeechBridge allows internal users and customers alike to simply say an employee's name in order to be connected with their extension, eliminating the need for printed corporate directories. SpeechBridge also includes advanced functionality such as allowing on-the-go employees to manage their calendars from their mobile phones, set up meetings and review appointments just by speaking.

The LumenVox Speech Engine boasts accuracy levels among the highest in the industry. When you purchase, download and install the LumenVox Speech Engine, quality of service is also bundled. We offer a highly dedicated team of service professionals and a large library of comprehensive online resources including free instructional videos and documentation to help you get up and running quickly.

Whether the goal is to better serve your customers or empower your employees, the LumenVox Speech Engine along with Incendonet's SpeechBridge can provide an organization of any size a solution that's both powerful and affordable. Contact us today for more information.


The LumenVox-SpeechBridge union greatly simplifies deploying speech recognition. SpeechBridge extends the use of the LumenVox Speech Engine with support of industry standards. This allows end users and partners to develop and deploy custom speech driven applications that easily integrate with the user's back-end systems in a timely and cost effective manner. SpeechBridge complies with the following standards:

The LumenVox–SpeechBridge standards compliance

The LumenVox Speech Engine is integrated with SpeechBridge at the application programming interface (API) level. This means that the Speech Engine is automatically installed and configured as part of the SpeechBridge package. No special setup is requires by the user.

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Incendonet is an industry leader in providing a complete line of open standards based speech recognition solutions for companies of any size. The SpeechBridge family of appliances makes adding speech capabilities to an enterprise's existing network simple and cost effective. SpeechBridge is a plug and play enhancement to a company's VoIP or legacy phone system and provides dramatic savings for enterprises with a comprehensive speech application platform that improves customer service, increases employee productivity, adds mobility to core enterprise systems, and reduces operating costs. With the ability to retrieve information and process repetitive tasks with simple spoken commands, SpeechBridge connects you and your customers to information and core business systems from any phone, any time, from anywhere. SpeechBridge solutions can be unpacked and on line in under an hour.

According to Forrester Research Inc., customer service calls handled by automated systems cost an average of 20 cents per minute, compared with $7 per minute for live agents. A recent Gartner study shows that most customers prefer speech to both touch-tone and the Internet for customer service. So whether asking for an employee or department by name, or completing a business function afterhours, your customers and internal users are more productive and fulfilled using speech while at the same time your company saves money in the process.

SpeechBridge SMB, with an out-of-the box suite of business applications, is designed for the small and medium sized businesses looking to add speech enabled capabilities to their daily business operations. SpeechBridge Pro is designed to scale, meeting the needs of even the largest enterprise, is a .NET development environment, and allows a wide range of developers to extend the included business applications or build entirely new ones. Both products are standards based solutions that bring core "must have" functionality and flexible multi-vendor VoIP system integration to enterprises looking to add the power of speech.

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