Incendonet speech platforms and end user solutions




About Incendonet

Incendonet develops robust, flexible and scalable enterprise speech platforms and end user solutions at a value based price point. The SpeechBridge™ family of solutions makes adding speech capabilities to an enterprise's existing network as simple and cost effective as possible. Speech driven applications such as auto-attendants, mobile email access, and calendaring applications offer an attractive ROI to organizations looking to cut costs, increase worker productivity and improve their customer
self service options.

For OEMs of IP-PBX systems, our SpeechBridge offering can be integrated as a seamless enhancement to your VoIP offerings or offered as a stand alone appliance to add speech capabilities to company directories, email systems and corporate calendars. With support for VoiceXML applications and SIP based VoIP telephony solutions, our customers and partners can ensure that SpeechBridge will be their foundation for customer self-service and mobility solutions for many years to come.

With VoIP leading the charge to fulfill the age old promise of converged networks, speech recognition can be a powerful and synergistic technology to VoIP within an enterprise. Giving your employees and customers access to information through intuitive, straightforward conversational commands 24/7 can greatly improve productivity throughout your organization.

For a more extensinve overview, check out the LumenVox-Incendonet Integration.

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