LumenVox and VXI*

Add the power of speech to your VXML applications with LumenVox and VXI*

Now you can purchase, download and install accurate Speech Recognition on Asterisk and VXI.* Developers and service providers can now run thousands of existing VXML speech applications using the Speech Engine on Asterisk.

LumenVox is a leader in speech recognition, offering superior technology. We employ the most advanced technologies to produce accuracy levels among the highest in the marketplace. We also offer superior service, with a knowledgeable support team that prides itself on being responsive to your needs. The LumenVox.com web site offers a comprehensive library of resources, free videos, and documentation to help you get up and running quickly.

Your best choice for Speech Recognition on Asterisk and VXI* is the LumenVox Speech Engine. Let us show you how quick and easy it is to get started.


The Speech Engine is a standards-based speech recognizer that supports multiple languages. It performs speech recognition from audio sources such as telephone lines, voice over IP connections, and microphones.

The LumenVox Speech Engine can run on Linux or Windows (though HVP is based on Linux and Solaris, the Speech Engine can run on a different machine if you wish to have it on the Windows platform).

LumenVox makes the process of getting up and running with speech quick and painless. The installation takes less time than you would think, we can show you how, step by step. Our free video library contains a segment that will walk you through the process to completion.

More on LumenVox and Asterisk

Implementing and configuring VXI* is a simple, straight forward process which involves:

1. Installing Zaptel 4. Installing VXI*
2. Installing Asterisk 5. Activate your VXI* License
3. Installing Video 3G 6. Configure TTS and LumenVox

Bridging The Gap

The gap between the foremost open source PBX platform and the standard language for speech application development has been filled. I6NET recently introduced VXI*, the first integration between the Asterisk PBX platform and VoiceXML. Adding VXI* to any Asterisk server provides access to a vast number of VoiceXML applications.

i6net chart

Even with limited programming experience speech solutions can quickly be created using drag and drop VXML development tools. For the first time developers can sell pre-packaged speech applications to millions of Asterisk users. This economy of scale creates a business opportunity that will allow companies to keep their application development costs low, and achieve a return on their investment quickly, all while creating significant revenue potential.

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