Speech Recognition for Asterisk
Digium Asterisk

Speech Recognition for Asterisk

Finally, a fully-integrated speech solution for all Asterisk-based applications is now available.

Go ahead: Speech-enable your Call Router, give the freedom of hands-free phone interactions to your callers, or simply provide an automated interface for customer service.

The Speech Engine is directly and seamlessly integrated with the Asterisk PBX platform and Dial Plan through a unique connector bridge from Digium.

Now you can easily build speech-enabled IVR's by using the familiar Dial Plan scripting language or the C-API.

Supported Linux distributions include recent versions of:

  • Red Hat Enterprise
  • Cent OS
  • Debian

Technical Support

Before contacting technical support, you may find the answers to your question by reading these resources:

Frequently asked questions about LumenVox Speech Recognition on Asterisk

LumenVox/Asterisk Help File

LumenVox Licensing FAQs

Asterisk Speech Recognition Mailing List

Technical support is not included with the purchase of our software or licenses. However, hourly support contracts and installation assistance packages are available.

Contact Us if you'd like to purchase a technical support contract right now,and be contacted by our first available technical support representative.

If you already have a contract, you can call +1-877-977-0707 and ask for "Support," or Contact Us.

For more advanced technical issues, including help troubleshooting your speech application, LumenVox support contracts are available.

LumenVox technical support is available weekdays, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific time. For general information on our support policy, help files, and useful resources, please refer to our Support page.

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