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About DiaVox

DiaVox, is a California-based company that designs, develops, and distributes high quality voice processing products to corporate end-users and telephone companies in the international market.

Founded in 1989, the company has establish international operating companies in major cities
worldwide thus boosting its sales, application development, and engineering support infrastructure. These companies have ensured DiaVox's global and local in-country presence by increasing end-user confidence. DiaVox International offices are now operating since 1989, in San Francisco, California; Beirut, Lebanon; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Manila, Phil.

Several channels of distribution have also been established in over 45 countries in Asia/Pacific,
Indian Basin, Middle East, Gulf Region, Africa, Europe, and North and South America. With over 9,500 installed base systems worldwide on over 85,000 public and private exchange lines, DiaVox boasts of invaluable knowledge-base and extensive hands-on experience in the public and private telecommunications sector.

As part of its commitment and corporate vision, DiaVox will continue to expand its product lines to meet the demands and technological challenges of the future as dictated by the individual needs of its wide-range of end-users.

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