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Active Voice SPEAK featuring LumenVox Speech Recognition

SPEAK is an advanced, and easily-deployable speech-enabled auto attendant specifically designed for the small and mid-sized business (SMB) environment. Leveraging open standards and cutting-edge technologies, such as the LumenVox Speech Engine, SPEAK integrates seamlessly into existing telephony infrastructure; whether it is IP or TDM, and offers enhanced capabilities designed to fulfill the promises of voice and data convergence.

The Active Voice SPEAK appliance offers a drop-in solution with pre-built applications that are ready to use, right out of the box, including email and calendaring modules. SPEAK allows employees all of the resources they need to stay connected, no matter where work may take them. SPEAK is scalable from the needs of the small business handling only a handful of callers at the same time, all the way to a large enterprise with thousands of subscribers being serviced.

Active Voice SPEAK, speech-enabled auto attendant

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Supported Languages

  • US/UK/NZ/AUS English
  • Canadian French
  • Mexican and South American Spanish
  • Brazilian Portuguese

SPEAK Improves Business Productivity

  • Upgrades customer service while reducing "zero-out" calls.
  • Eliminates the push-button frustration, as well as the need to search for numbers.
  • Provides total 24/7/365 self-service information such as employee and department directories, company information, driving directions, business hours, etc.
  • Performs dynamic call routing to insure all incoming callers are treated in a personalized and professional manner.
  • Frees front desk support to deal with important face to face matters.
  • Keeps mobile workforces connected efficiently and provides hands-free access for safety.
  • Reduces the need for maintaining and printing company directories.
  • Secures access to telephony resources across all networks.

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