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Vertical Communications is a leader in IP PBX and VoIP business phone systems. The Company is focused on the small-to-medium business (SMB) marketplace while also servicing a number of high-profile national product and service retailers. Vertical's solutions redefine the role that telephony plays in business by delivering voice communications systems with easy-to-use integrated applications that dramatically increase customer productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.

Vertical Wave, the company's next-generation telephony platform, uses a revolutionary architecture that makes it easy for customers to quickly deploy powerful, pre-loaded applications on demand, resulting in considerable cost savings and improved customer service. Vertical´s solutions deliver enterprise-class functionality and competitive advantage while enabling cost-effective migration from yesterday´s key systems and PBXs to today´s next-generation IP business phone systems and applications.

In addition, the LumenVox Speech Assistant instantly speech-enables your TeleVantage System from Vertical.

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