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Inventive Labs sells a .NET Dialogic telephony toolkit called CTI32. There are no port royalties and the source code is available. Program in C# or VB.NET and bring up an inbound or outbound application in minutes. Supports Analog, ISDN-PRI, T1(CAS) or SIP. Fully supports Dialogic springware, DM/V, MSI, DCB, D/42 boards as well as HMP. LumenVox is used exclusively for speech recognition. We have the best technical solution for implementing Dialogic's HMP for VoIP/SIP. Inventive Labs also provides development services, voice T1/PRI lines, and is a Partner and Reseller for Dialogic and LumenVox. Our development services include developing complete turnkey applications such as database driven IVR's, Call Centers, Dialers, and SIP/VoIP solutions.

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