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Add Speech Recognition to your Holly Voice Platform

Using the LumenVox Speech Engine, you can quickly add accurate speech recognition to applications built on the Holly Voice Platform in a matter of minutes. Having passed Holly's rigorous compliance testing, you can be assured that the Speech Engine will meet the needs of almost any HVP application.

LumenVox is a leader in speech recognition, offering superior technology. We offer better service than our competitors, with a helpful technical support team that is both knowledgeable and responsive to your needs. The LumenVox.com Website offers a comprehensive library of resources, free training videos, and documentation to get you up and running with speech recognition easily.

All of these things make LumenVox the best choice for speech recognition on HVP.

The LumenVox-Holly Integration

The Speech Engine is a standards-based speech recognizer that supports multiple languages. It performs speech recognition on audio from sources such as telephone lines, voice over IP connections, and microphones.

The LumenVox Speech Engine can run on Linux or Windows (though HVP is based on Linux and Solaris, the Speech Engine can run on a different machine if you wish to have it on the Windows platform). The Speech Engine is integrated with the Holly Voice Platform via the LumenVox Media Server. The LumenVox Media Server standard is an open standard that allows software components like voice platforms, automatic speech recognizers, and text-to-speech engines communicate, and it is fully supported by both Holly and LumenVox.

Using MRCP means that installing and configuring LumenVox and Holly
is also quite simple:

  1. Install and configure your HVP machine.
  2. Install and configure the LumenVox Speech Engine. See our instructions for Linux installation.
  3. Install the LumenVox Media Server. This can be installed on a separate machine from the Speech Engine, or the same machine, and may be installed on the Holly machine as well. See our LumenVox Media Server instructions.
  4. Configure your Holly machine to send MRCP requests to the LumenVox Media Server. You should now be able to receive good speech decodes from the LumenVox Speech Engine.

To learn more about the LumenVox Speech Engine, get more information on pricing or to purchase, contact us at +1-877-977-0707.

The Holly5 IVR

Holly brings to the table world-class technology with the Holly5 IVR. This offering allows maximum operational efficiency through IVR virtualization. A fundamental advance over traditional IVR systems, Holly5 delivers both aggregation and desegregation, allowing a single physical IVR infrastructure to be deployed across multiple sites and provision onto that infrastructure many Virtual IVRs, each performing as a dedicated IVR. This use of IVR virtualization transcends the traditional concepts of multi tenancy.

Holly IVR

The Holly5 Voice Platform also seamlessly integrates with existing telephony and web-based infrastructure and supports DTMF, speech recognition and CTI call control. With greater flexibility and responsiveness, the end user can maximize the utilization of their IVR investment.

The Holly Voice Platform is complex and robust. It boasts a fully redundant architecture, automatic recovery processing and capabilities to insure service and availability. The Holly platform may also be deployed as distributed or redundant architecture, and has the ability to automatically fail-over along with many other features to ensure safety and availability.

Open Standards

Both LumenVox and Holly are strong advocates for the creation and adoption of open standards. The contribution to the speech industry produced by open standard innovation is invaluable. VoiceXML, SRGS, VoIP, and MRCP are all mutually supported by Holly and LumenVox.

Holly also specializes in providing solutions for enterprise, carrier and hosted customers, all designed to substantially reduce the cost of doing business, maximize efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

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