Diaphonics voice verification




About Diaphonics

Diaphonics helps organizations enhance security, fight ID fraud and save money through voice verification. Through strong R&D, the company is at the forefront of voice security. Diaphonics has specialists in IT security, audio signal processing and interface design who work to ensure that the company's products are both highly secure and user-friendly.

With the increasing threat of ID fraud, the ability to remotely verify a customer's identity has never been more important. Current methods of verification, such as challenge questions and passwords, have proven to be ineffective and inconvenient. To combat this problem, Diaphonics offers two delivery platforms for voice security: Spike Server and SpikeCore Web Service.

Spike Server verifies the identity of callers through an integrated hardware and software platform. It uses biometric voice verification for the utmost in caller identification. It also records conversations and creates an audit trail of all interactions for further security measures. SpikeCore delivers many of the features of Spike Server as part of a Web Service. SpikeCore is designed to integrate easily with automated speech and touch-tone IVRs.

Today, financial services companies rely on Diaphonics' solutions for secure telephone-based wire transfers, PIN/password resets and other customer and employee interactions. Spike Server is also deployed in the government sector for homeland security and corrections applications.

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