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Add Speech Recognition to your Aculab Platform Today

The LumenVox Speech Engine is accurate and provides an easy way to add speech recognition to your Aculab Platform.

LumenVox is a leader in speech recognition, offering superior technology. We employ the most advanced technologies to produce accuracy levels among the highest in the market place. We also offer superior service, with a knowledgeable support team committed to being responsive to your needs. The website offers a comprehensive library of resources, free videos, and documentation to help you get up and running quickly.

LumenVox is now the premier Speech Engine for Aculab, successfully providing the power of speech in conjunction with Aculab's Prosody X telephony cards and Prosody S HMP products. Purchase the LumenVox Speech Engine and be up and running in less than a day.

The LumenVox–Aculab Integration

The Speech Engine is a standards–based speech recognizer that supports multiple languages and can run on Linux or Windows. It performs speech recognition on audio from sources such as telephone lines, voice over IP connections, and microphones.

Both Prosody X and S HMP can be implemented and deployed with the LumenVox Speech Engine through the use of the MRCP (Media Resource Control Protocol) standard. MRCP allows the developer or solution provider to seamlessly manage diverse media resources and provide a common method of communication when managing multiple devices. The LumenVox Media Server is designed to work with SIP (Session Initiated Protocol), which helps establish connections to external media, streaming devices and media delivery mechanisms like Real Time Protocol (RTP). Aculab also offers its own VoiceXML & CCXML interpreter software product, which acts as an MRCP client.

Prosody S uses the same common API codebase as the Prosody X boards and includes a license for the Aculab MRCP client, which an HMP–based developer would use to integrate with the LumenVox Speech Engine. Due to the standardized nature of MRCP, it's easy to point it to a LumenVox MRCP server.

  1. Install and configure your Aculab platform.
  2. Install and configure the LumenVox Speech Engine. See our instructions for Linux installation.
  3. Install the LumenVox Media Server. This can be installed on a separate machine from the Speech Engine, the same machine, or can be installed on the Aculab machine as well. See our LumenVox Media Server instructions.

Configure Aculab to send MRCP requests to the LumenVox Media Server. You should now be able to receive speech decodes from the LumenVox Speech Engine.

Aculab offers the very best in IP and media processing boards and software to the global communications market. A leader in innovation, superior products and services and over 30 years of experience, Aculab places quality and support as priority one. They provide the essential components required to deliver multimodal voice, data, fax and video solutions for use within IP, PSTN and mobile networks with performance levels that are second to none. Aculab serves the evolving needs of developers, integrators, service providers and equipment manufacturers with cost–effective, deployment proven, high performance products, and solutions.

LumenVox provides powerful and accurate speech recognition software together with a committed focus on excellent customer service. LumenVox speech technology empowers channel integrators, developers, and solution providers to design and deploy dynamic speech solutions.

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