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About Acclaim Telecom

Since 1993, Acclaim Telecom Services has developed Interactive Voice Response applications enabling voice access to information systems in finance, healthcare, logistics and retail. Acclaim provides specialized speech grammars: U.S. local and national street addresses, landmarks and,
Canadian postal addresses.

Acclaim Telecom's Address Grammars:

  • Include nearly 50,000 ZIP codes in 50 states and the District of Columbia (U.S. Territories, APO, and FPO are available).
  • Identify incorrect ZIP codes and street names.
  • Clarify ambiguous street names. For example, "You said 'Broadway'. Is it Broadway Avenue or Broadway Boulevard?"
  • Flags address numbers that may be invalid (right street, invalid address number). Identifies existence of a Secondary Address (Apartment or Suite number).
  • Accepts "aliases" — streets that have more than one name Some ZIP codes include more than one city — the grammars include primary and alternate city names.
  • ZIP codes, street names, address ranges and even city names change often — monthly grammar updates are included

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