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LumenVox Announces Release of Speech Product Suite Version 12.2

The latest release of the LumenVox suite of speech software products, version 12.2, is available now for immediate download (see our Upgrade Instructions article for details on how to do this). While the release features improvements to every one of our products, the primary focus of 12.2 is a series of major enhancements to the Speech Tuner.

Focus on What Matters

In order to ensure that our users were able to fully optimize their speech applications, we took a look at how the Speech Tuner presents and analyzes data for users and designed a new set of Tuning Wizards. These interactive wizards guide users step-by-step through identifying and understanding potential problems in their data.

For instance, the Tuner will now alert you if the confidence threshold your application uses might be non-ideal. By comparing your transcribed data and the confidence threshold you set over MRCP, the Tuner can illustrate how changing thresholds can improve your application's performance – giving you higher call success rates, containment rates, and improving the overall user experience of your application.

Other changes include the ability to filter data by menus, so you can easily look at performance for a specific portion of your application instead of the application as a whole.

We've also added a number of new modules such as a Pronunciation Checker to help you identify grammar entries that might benefit from custom lexicons and a Random Sentence Generator to help you quickly check grammar coverage.

The changes to the Tuner are quite extensive, so please refer to the LumenVox 12.2 Release Notes for more information.

More Logging Control

Our web-based Dashboard tool has proven popular with users and system administrators, and 12.2 brings more options to make managing your LumenVox systems even easier.

The LVManager service (which provides the Dashboard functionality) can now clean up log and resource files that the LumenVox products generate. This applies to both standard and extended logging modes.

This new functionality is configurable, allowing users to specify how long logs should be saved for.

Get It Now

LumenVox version 12.2 is currently in general availability and can be downloaded as always from www.LumenVox.com. In order to be eligible to download and use the software, customers must have a current software maintenance contract.

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