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LumenVox Announces the Release of Version 12.0

San Diego, CA (NOV 18, 2013) — LumenVox announces the release of version 12.0 of the LumenVox Automatic Speech Recognizer (ASR), Text-to-Speech (TTS) Server, Call Progress Analysis (CPA) and Speech Tuner, which are now available for immediate download. This latest release brings improvements across all products. We recommend that current customers upgrade as soon as possible.

Manageability Improvements

LumenVox Dashboard: Sample CPU Performance Chart.

The Dashboard now displays memory and CPU performance trends, giving operators a new way to proactively monitor system health. It also shows which TTS voices and ASR languages are installed on the system. Additional configuration options for the Media Server and ASR have been added.

Logging can now be configured to specify the maximum size of each log file, as well as the number of backup copies of each log to maintain. Logging can be further configured to save log files into subfolders based on the current year/month/date. This can be useful when recording data over a number of days, so that log messages can be saved per day to facilitate system monitoring and troubleshooting.

Streamlined Performance

Version 12 also streamlines the performance of the ASR and Media Server. The goal was to increase the maximum number of channels each server can handle. If you are close to reaching maximum capacity on your speech server, we would suggest that you gather some performance metrics, upgrade, and then compare the new build's performance. We are confident that you will see considerable improvement.

New TTS Languages and Voices

As part of our continued effort of extending language and voice coverage, version 12.0 comes with 4 new TTS voices in 4 different languages:

  • European Portuguese Male
  • Indian English Female
  • Turkish Female
  • Swedish Female

Other Improvements

LumenVox continuously enhances recognition quality, flexibility, and reliability in its products, and version 12.0 continues to make them comparable to or better than the best ASR, TTS, CPA and Speech Tuner products on the market. As a highlight of these enhancements:

  • Improved secure_context suppression
  • Improved SSML robustness
  • Speech Tuner filtering is now case insensitive
  • Speech Tuner improved drag and drop functionality
  • Fixed processing of forward-slashes in GrXML phrases

LumenVox version 12.0 is currently in general availability and can be downloaded as always from www.LumenVox.com. In order to be eligible to download and use the software, customers must have a current software maintenance contract.

For a more technical summary of the version 12 release changes, please refer to the LVDN 12.0 blog post.

Full release notes with a complete list of changes are online at: https://www.lumenvox.com/knowledgebase/index.php?/article/AA-01461/0/.

For any questions or assistance, please contact your LumenVox sales representative, or call LumenVox at

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