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LumenVox 11.0 Adds Precompiled Grammars, Improved Security and Over 20 New TTS Voices

San Diego, CA (JAN 16, 2013) — LumenVox announces the release of version 11.0 of the LumenVox Automatic Speech Recognizer (ASR) and Text-to-Speech (TTS) Server, which is now available for immediate download. This latest release is in response to requests from an expanding group of channel partners and includes enhancements to support precompiled grammars for speech recognition, a new "secure context" mode for sensitive data, and more than 20 new TTS voices.

Pre-compiled Grammars

Pre-compiled grammar loading is one of the most commonly requested features among our ASR users. LumenVox now allows a user to compile and store a plain-text or XML grammar for future use, and then load the pre-compiled, binary grammar at run time. This can significantly reduce the time needed to load large and complex grammars, reduce the resource demand on the server, and allows developers to obfuscate specially developed grammar contents before distributing binary grammars to their end-users.

Improved Security

The new secure context feature, which affects the operation of both ASR and TTS, is a frequently requested capability to reduce the risk of data theft. When this mode is activated, the ASR and TTS will suppress logging of any specified speech or text input, making it easier for users to comply with security protocols such as PCI or HIPAA as sensitive data can be suppressed in the logs.

As an example, if a user speaks a credit card number, typically the actual digits spoken by a user would be saved in a log file. With secure context, that text is replaced with the word "SUPPRESSED." This applies not just to text logs, but also to the audio files that are used for speech tuning.

New TTS Languages and Voices

LumenVox has also added more than 20 new Text-to-Speech voices, including more options for American English and entirely new languages such as Danish, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Icelandic, and Brazilian Portuguese. You can try any of them for yourself on the LumenVox website at https://www.lumenvox.com/products/tts/.

These languages are compatible with LumenVox's existing TTS server, so customers currently using TTS just need to upgrade to version 11.0, purchase the new licenses, and download and install the new language packs.

It's All About Quality and Channel Readiness

Finally, LumenVox emphasizes enhancing recognition quality and reliability in all of its products, and Version 11.0 continues to make them comparable to or better than the best ASR, TTS, CPA and Speech Tuner products on the market. LumenVox Version 11.0 is currently in general availability and can be downloaded as always from LumenVox.com. In order to be eligible to download and use the software, customers must have a current software maintenance contract.

You can download a .pdf summary for each of the LumenVox products using the following links:

ASR - https://www.lumenvox.com/pdf/OneSheet-ASR.pdf

TTS - https://www.lumenvox.com/pdf/OneSheet-TTS.pdf

CPA - https://www.lumenvox.com/pdf/OneSheet-CPA.pdf

Full release notes with a complete list of changes are online at https://www.lumenvox.com/knowledgebase/index.php?/article/AA-01461/

For any questions or assistance, please contact your LumenVox sales representative, or call LumenVox at +1-858-707-7700.

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