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GM Voices Announces Partnership with LumenVox

Alpharetta, Ga. (SEPT 18, 2012) GM Voices, the world's largest producer of professionally-recorded voice prompts for automated technologies, today announced a partnership with LumenVox, an award-winning speech automation solutions provider headquartered in San Diego. The companies will work together to develop a custom e-commerce Web site that will make it easy for LumenVox customers to maintain a natural-sounding, one-voice caller experience for their Automated Speech Recognizer (ASR), Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Speech Tuner solutions.

While both companies are longtime leaders in the voice automation space, a formal partner arrangement began only recently with LumenVox unveiling its TTS in GM Voices' matching voices, and the prospecting of several outbound ASR opportunities, notably reference check applications. GM Voices provided the LumenVox sales team with specially-recorded audio demonstrations which were important resources in acquiring the business.

A jointly developed project, the voice prompt e-commerce portal will allow LumenVox TTS customers an easy outlet for ordering natural-voice recordings to match their system. From a simple Web interface, users can select their voice, enter or upload a script, and receive seamless greeting, call routing or voicemail navigation and error prompts.

A TTS system's voice is modeled upon the vocal sounds of an actual voice actor in the recording studio. GM Voices offers the same voice actors for natural performances that mix seamlessly with LumenVox's TTS voices. The end result – a TTS response that sounds like a real person.

"LumenVox offers some of the best speech automation solutions in the marketplace, and with GM Voices supporting their ASR and TTS offerings, they'll sound crisp and professional on every call," said Marcus Graham, CEO of GM Voices. "We look forward to supporting the LumenVox sales team, and, of course, their customers in implementing a professional-sounding Voice Brand."

"GM Voices' customized prompt recordings and LumenVox's technologies make for the most natural-sounding speech interface for any IVR developer," said LumenVox CEO, Dave Rich. "Now any speech developer can have affordable, best-in-breed solutions for their applications."


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