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LumenVox Releases 10.4 Suite of Products

San Diego, CA (APR 4, 2012) — LumenVox is excited to announce completion on the 10.4 build of our suite of Speech products. The 10.4 series features a number of enhancements including newly rebuilt American English acoustic models for improved ASR accuracy and performance, configurable logging verbosities for all products, and a new Australian English Text-to-Speech voice!

We have also changed our TTS Server so that it can intelligently switch between any of our voices. Additionally, users can now switch between voices within an SSML session, making it easier than ever to use LumenVox's Text-to-Speech software.

As with any LumenVox product release, there are many other features:

  • GUI-based Dashboard tool can be used to administer logging verbosity
  • Windows installers now verify proper administrator privileges, streamlining installation
  • Improved French pronunciations
  • Upgraded management of RTSP and SIP sessions, improving throughput
  • TTS thread handling rewritten to remove potential bottlenecks
  • Extended the MRCP save-waveform handling
  • Added Media Server wildcard handling
  • Improved overall grammar processing

Feel free to read more information in the complete set of release notes for 10.4 in our online Help documentation.

Contact your LumenVox Sales Representative for pricing and more information on version 10.4.

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