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LumenVox announces the best in
Answering Machine Detection
and Call Progress Analysis

San Diego, CA (DEC 5, 2011) — LumenVox's new Answering Machine Detection (AMD) technology lets your outbound messaging and outbound IVR applications deliver the correct message with >98% accuracy, regardless of whether a human or a voicemail system answers the call.

Our tone-based detection is simple and effective and represents a significant innovation compared to many other energy-based answering machine detection technologies. Where most call progress analysis software tries to guess whether a called party is a person or a machine based solely on how long they speak, LumenVox AMD listens for any one of thousands of existing answering machine beep tones and is able to detect the presence of a tone with a very high degree of accuracy.

Using LumenVox AMD, your outbound dialing application won't know it's connected to a voicemail system at the beginning of a call. Instead, you can play your outbound message or outbound IVR and wait for a tone to be detected and then start playing a specific message targeted for voicemail systems. When a call is answered, the person being called will not experience any delay, as they would with other call progress analysis technologies. Your outbound application can begin immediately, and the caller will hear a complete message on their answering machine, unlike some technologies that start the message too soon and leave a partial message.

Novel technology using tone detection

The LumenVox Answering Machine Detector has an advanced proprietary algorithm that detects single frequency pure tones and allows for some distortion in the frequency. It also actively rejects multi-frequency tones to prevent false positives. This high performance algorithm has a 98.7% accuracy based on our real-world test set.

Currently, there are 3 types of tones currently detected by LumenVox: Answering Machine or Voice Mail tone, Fax tone, and SIT (Special Information Tone).

Fax detection and SIT detection can be used to identify disconnected or incorrect numbers. This information can be used in business logic to get correct phone numbers from a customer or as a cost cutting measure to reduce minutes spent calling incorrect numbers. Our tone detector shows >99% accuracy for SIT (Special Information Tone) detection, as well as >99% accuracy for fax machine detection.

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