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LumenVox Announces TTS

San Diego, CA (NOV 10, 2011) — You asked for it. LumenVox Text–to–Speech (TTS) Engine has arrived. Synthesize written text into spoken speech with the most realistic voices on the market. Anything they can say, we say it better!

5 Compelling Reasons to Consider LumenVox Text–to–Speech:

INTEGRATION: LumenVox offers a complete ASR solution making the TTS integration with the ASR, Answering Machine Detection, and SLM engines a solid and supported package. Certification of your platform obtained by knowledgeable support and development professionals.

QUALITY: The highest quality of voices on the market allow realistic sounding messages to be delivered to your customers.

SELECTION: Wide range of voices and languages ensure your message is delivered to all of your global customers.

EASE OF USE: Flexible integration available through the LumenVox API or MCRPv1,v2 using the LumenVox Media Server.

COST: Lower cost of ownership compared to other TTS vendors.

Languages Supported

We offer voices in:

  • American English
  • British English
  • Latin American Spanish
  • North American Spanish
  • Castilian Spanish
  • European French
  • Standard German

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