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LumenVox, LLC Joins the Cisco Developer
Network as a Registered Developer and
Completes Cisco Interoperability
Verification Testing

San Diego, CA (AUG 8, 2011) — LumenVox, LLC announced that it has joined the Cisco Developer Network as a Registered Developer within the Unified Communications Solution category. In addition, LumenVox's Speech Engine 10.0 (www.lumenvox.com/products/speech_engine) has successfully completed interoperability testing with Cisco Customer Voice Portal 7.0.

The Cisco Developer Network unites Cisco with third–party developers of hardware and software to deliver tested interoperable solutions to joint customers. As a Registered Developer, LumenVox offers a complementary product offering and has started to collaborate with Cisco to meet the needs of joint customers. With offerings such as LumenVox Speech Engine 10.0, customers can more quickly deploy a broad range of Cisco Compatible business applications, devices, or services that can enhance the capabilities, performance, and management of their Cisco network. For more information on LumenVox's Speech Engine 10.0 interoperability with Cisco Customer Voice Portal 7.0 go to: http://developer.cisco.com/web/partner/search?accountId=0014000000T03dKAAR

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