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LumenVox Releases Version 10.0 of Speech Engine Featuring Industry–First Native 64–Bit Support

San Diego, CA (FEB 12, 2011) — LumenVox, an innovator in speech recognition technology, announced the release of LumenVox Speech Engine version 10.0. The new version represents one of the company's most significant releases in history, as it includes industry–first native 64–bit support.

Native 64–bit support allows for significantly better performance using modern 64–bit processors in their native mode, leading to faster recognition times as well as higher port densities on speech servers. The 10.0 Speech Engine includes full, native 64–bit renderings of LumenVox Server and Client products working on supported Windows and Linux Operating Systems.

"LumenVox 10 represents the biggest release in our history," said LumenVox President Edward Miller. "This latest version of the LumenVox Speech Engine includes a wide array of changes, including industry–first native 64–bit support. This means the Speech Engine can use a nearly unlimited amount of memory, allowing for more diverse applications as well as very high–density deployments on a single machine."

In addition to native 64–bit support, LumenVox rolled out other new features and major changes within version 10.0, including:

  • New Text–to–Speech functionality
  • Updated Statistical Language Model functionality
  • Major changes to C and C++ interfaces
  • Added support for custom lexicons within grammars
  • New command line utility allowing grammars to be pre–loaded via batch or script files

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