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LumenVox Releases Speech Engine Version 9.5

San Diego, CA (MAY 1, 2010) — LumenVox, an innovator in speech recognition technology, announced the release of LumenVox Speech Engine version 9.5. The new version provides more reliable confidence scores, a new logging and notification system as well as an Answering Machine Detection module.

Providing better accuracy, new acoustic models in LumenVox's 9.5 Speech Engine deliver improved accuracy for U.K English, Australian English, Mexican Spanish, South American Spanish and Canadian French languages and dialects. These models were built with the new technology used for LumenVox's American English model that was introduced in version 9.0 of the Speech Engine. The charts below highlight the improved confidence scoring algorithms from version 9.0 to 9.5:

Confidence Score Comparison Charts

* A confidence score is a number between 0 and 1000 that indicates how confident the Speech Engine
is that a result is correct. Ideally, correct answers (shown as green) will have high confidence scores
and incorrect (orange) or out of vocabulary (blue) answers will have low score.

The upgraded engine also features a new logging and notification system. "The new centralized logging system can automatically send email messages if critical errors occur. This lets the user respond immediately to any serious problems in their production systems, maintaining high availability and uptimes," said Ed Miller, CEO of LumenVox.

In addition to improved accuracy and new logging and notification features, LumenVox's Speech Engine version 9.5 comes with an optional Answering Machine Detection module that recognizes answering machine and voicemail tones for users making outbound calls.

For more information about the LumenVox Speech Engine version 9.5 refer to our May 2010 Tech Bulletin.

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