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General Motors ChevyStar® a Success
with Redmond Software's Speech Platform
and LumenVox Speech Recognition Software

In-Car Voice Dialing Nets a 42% Increase in Recognition Accuracy

San Diego, CA and Miami, FL (AUG 18, 2008) — LumenVox, a speech recognition software innovator, and Redmond Software, a software and systems integrator of advanced telecommunications products, today announced a successful implementation of a speech-enabled in-car voice dialing system for GM's ChevyStar® product in Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador.

"By using the LumenVox speech recognition engine, we were able to provide a reliable and accurate solution for GM's ChevyStar," said Gustavo Berdinas, CEO of Redmond Software. "Through close collaboration and a high level of support from LumenVox, we dramatically improved the system performance, which was the highest priority for the end users."

ChevyStar is an in-panel car security system and communication device that is factory-installed in many GM/Chevrolet car models in Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador. Drivers can press the "personal calls" button and then easily access hands-free dialing through the use of their voice.

"We are pleased that Redmond Software chose LumenVox to provide this sophisticated network-based speech solution," commented Edward Miller, president of LumenVox. "Redmond's dedication to provide a high quality solution has yielded impressive results and is a testament to their expertise in providing speech solutions in demanding environments."

For more information about ChevyStar, go to: www.chevystar.com.ve.

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