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Active Voice Chooses LumenVox Speech Recognition for SPEAK Solution

Digium® hardware rounds out SMB-positioned auto attendant solution

Seattle, WA and San Diego, CA (MAY 6, 2008) — Active Voice, LLC, a global leader in unified messaging, unified communications and speech-activated solutions, and LumenVox, an innovator of speech recognition software, today announced the availability of Active Voice SPEAK, an advanced speech-enabled auto attendant designed specifically for the small- and mid-sized business environment (SMBs) and the mobile workforce.

"Until now, only large enterprises could afford powerful and robust speech-driven solutions. SPEAK changes this paradigm," said Eyal Inbar, General Manager of Marketing and Product Development, Active Voice. "We are pleased to work with LumenVox and Digium to deliver a practical and viable speech-enabled auto attendant that is designed just for the specific needs of SMBs. Lower costs combined with plug-and-play convenience help make SPEAK the ideal solution, allowing SMBs to see beneficial results of their investment very quickly."

Active Voice chose LumenVox and Digium because of their proven technologies, added Inbar. "Active Voice SPEAK leverages LumenVox's cutting-edge Speech Engine and Digium's open standard hardware, enabling SPEAK to be offered at a price point that is unbeatable in the market and at a level of sophistication that is yet to be experienced by SMBs. The bottom line of SPEAK is simplicity, affordability and ease of use."

The engineering framework for SPEAK enables an out-of-the-box turnkey solution that is considerably more affordable, while being easy to implement, deploy and use requirements for SMBs. SPEAK uses the LumenVox Speech Engine to power the robust and accurate speech-enabled functionality. In addition, the Digium hardware enables the high performance, yet affordable connectivity.

"Active Voice is leading the way by providing a communications solution for a traditionally underserved market," said Edward Miller, president of LumenVox. "LumenVox has continuously evangelized the need for speech-enabled applications for companies of all sizes, and now Active Voice brings this vision to the market with SPEAK, a powerful solution."

"SMBs have rigorous telephony requirements and the industry is actively creating solutions to meet those needs at price points that smaller companies can afford," said Jim Webster, director of technology partnerships at Digium. "We're proud to be working with Active Voice and be building on our relationship with long-time partner LumenVox to become an integral part of the new SPEAK speech-enabled solution for SMBs."

SPEAK leverages open standards and cutting-edge technologies to integrate seamlessly into existing voice, data and telephony infrastructures — whether they are IP or TDM — saving companies cost and time commitments. This technology also responds to the current and emerging requirements of the mobile workforce, and utilizes a total hands-free mode that ensures safety for workers in a mobile environment while increasing overall productivity.

Speech access to email and calendaring modules gives SMBs the resources they need to be connected, no matter where work may take them. SPEAK also enhances the customer service experience by utilizing a speech-enabled auto attendant and corporate directory, allowing callers to be routed quickly and effectively, giving employees the time to focus on other more productive tasks.

For more information about Active Voice SPEAK, please visit www.activevoice.com/products/speak.

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