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Metaphor Solutions, Inc. and LumenVox Partner
To Deliver Speech Applications to Mid-Sized Enterprises

Affordable Plug and Play Speech Applications Break Cost Barrier to IVR Adoption

San Diego, CA (AUG 15, 2007) — Metaphor Solutions, Inc. a leading provider of speech IVR applications on-demand, and LumenVox, an innovator of speech recognition software, announced today the availability of affordable speech-enabled IVR solutions that are directly configurable and deployable from the Internet at www.metaphorivr.com.

Metaphor's suite of packaged speech applications, powered by the LumenVox Speech Engine, gives to mid-market businesses unprecedented access to cost-effective speech solutions. Small and mid-size businesses can easily configure these speech IVR solutions to connect through their on-premise or managed PBXes, like the popular Asterisk platform.

"Companies that previously were unable to afford speech solutions now have, through Metaphor's web-configurable packaged applications, an opportunity to automate many telephone-based tasks," said Edward Miller, president of LumenVox. "Speech recognition is no longer just for large enterprises with big pockets. Speech is for any company wanting to improve organizational efficiency and provide superior customer service."

"Metaphor and LumenVox share a unique vision of offering speech recognition applications for any business," added M. Mobeen Khan, COO of Metaphor. "LumenVox offers a very high quality, and robust speech recognizer that makes IVR a reality for small and midsize customers serving smaller call volumes. Using the LumenVox ASR with our Plug & Play environment, businesses can now quickly and cost effectively deploy speech IVR solutions."

Metaphor Plug & Play environment lets enterprises quickly self-configure, deploy, manage and report on 50+ speech IVR customer service solutions without any speech recognition, grammar building or VoiceXML skills requirements. Examples of applications include Inbound and Outbound Customer Surveys, Proactive notifications, Telephone Banking, Bill Collection, Payment, Insurance Claims Service, Order Status, Appointment Scheduling, Prescription Refill, Location Finder, Inventory and Pricing Request, and Catalog Request. Customers can dial into live applications or create free trial accounts by visiting www.metaphorivr.com.

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