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LumenVox Speech Engine Now Supports UK English

San Diego, CA (JUNE 12, 2007) — LumenVox, an innovator in speech recognition software, announced today the release of a new United Kingdom (UK) English Acoustic Model for use with the LumenVox Speech Engine v7.5. Solution and Platform Providers can now incorporate affordable speech technology for deployed speech solutions across the UK, even for users with regional accents.

"With this additional language, LumenVox's reach into the growing UK speech solution market can commence," said Edward Miller, president of LumenVox. "Our new model is a direct response to the customer and market demand for affordable speech technology in the United Kingdom."

The LumenVox Speech Engine is an accurate, standards-based speech recognizer that can perform speech recognition on audio data from any audio source. On Linux or Windows, the speaker and hardware independent Speech Engine powers speech solutions and platforms deployed in Enterprise and SMB environments worldwide. Currently supported languages are US, UK, Australian and New Zealand English, Canadian French, and North and South American Spanish.

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